political trust,support for tourism, power, the politics of tourism,"/> 国外旅游发展与政治信任研究进展与启示

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  1. (1.佛山职业技术学院 财经管理系,广东 佛山 528137;2.台湾交通大学 社会与文化研究所,台湾 新竹300)
  • 出版日期:2018-03-05 发布日期:2018-03-05
  • 作者简介:陈品宇(1991―),男,广西玉林人,助理讲师,硕士,研究方向为旅游地理学,(E-mail)1530024804@qq.com。

Progress and Enlightenment on Tourism Development and Political Trust in the Foreign Tourism Research

CHEN Pinyu,ZHU Chuncong   

  1. (1.Finance and Economics Department,Foshan Polytechnic,Foshan 528137,China;2.Institute of Social Research and Culture Studies,Chiao Tung University,Xinzhu 300,China)
  • Online:2018-03-05 Published:2018-03-05

摘要: 信任或者不信任的动态关系变化对于理解现代社会、社会关系和发展过程十分重要。然而已有研究都表明政治信任日趋下降,危及到政府的合法性地位和可持续发展。旅游作为促进地方发展的一个工具,对政府工作和政治稳定具有重要影响,但是旅游发展与政治信任的关系尚未得到应有的关注。文章在概述社会科学中关于政治信任相关解释的基础上,结合对西方学者实际案例的解读,梳理出国外旅游发展与政治信任的主要研究议题,包括旅游发展中影响政治信任的因素、政治信任与旅游支持度、旅游发展特殊背景下的政治信任与一般意义上的政治信任、政治信任与旅游政治4个方面,并论述其对于国内研究的借鉴与启示作用。旅游研究中的政治信任问题并非无关紧要,相反,随着旅游大众化时代的到来,很多地方已经把旅游业视为带动社会经济发展的主导产业和支柱产业,赋予其应对宏观经济挑战、带动就业和脱贫致富的政治使命;而政治信任关乎到这些目标的实现,更关乎到社会稳定和政府的合法性地位。把政治信任引入到旅游研究中来,为国内的旅游研究带来理论新视角和实践层面的新思考。

关键词: 政治信任, 旅游支持, 权力, 旅游政治

Abstract: The dynamics of trust and distrust are central to understanding modern society, social relations and development processes. However, numerous studies suggest that societal trust and citizens’ trust in government and its institutions are on the decline, challenging the legitimacy of government and leading to an undemocratic and unsustainable form of development. Tourism, as a tool to promote the local development, lays an important foundation of government affairs and political stability, but there are less attention being paid to the relationship between tourism development and political trust. Based on an outline of political trust in social sciences and combined with the Western scholars interpretation of empirical researches, this paper tries to summarize the main research topics about tourism development and political trust. The main research topics include the factors influencing political trust in the process of tourism development, political trust and support for tourism, political trust in the specific context of tourism development and the general level of political trust, and political trust and tourism politics. Finally, enlightenment to Chinese tourism studies will be discussed. It is not insignificant for the political trust in the tourism research. On the contrary, with the advent of the era of mass tourism, tourism industry is regarded as the dominant industry or pillar industry to drive social and economy development in many places, which is endowed with political missions to meet the macroeconomic challenges, create more employment opportunities and overcome poverty and achieve prosperity. And the political trust relates to achieving these goals. Introducing the political trust to Chinese tourism research, this paper aims at providing a new perspective and thinking both in theory and practice.

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