›› 1986, Vol. 6 ›› Issue (4): 367-377.

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  1. 广州地理研究所
  • 出版日期:1986-10-30 发布日期:1986-10-30


WEN Changen   

  1. Guangzhou Institute of Geography
  • Online:1986-10-30 Published:1986-10-30

摘要: 深圳市位于广东省中部沿海,珠江口伶仃洋东侧。按陆地计,地当北纬22°26'59″—22°51'49″,东经113°45'44″—114°37'21″之间。东隔大亚湾,与惠东县的平海半岛相望;南隔深圳河与香港九龙新界接壤;西隔珠江口伶仃洋,与珠海、澳门相望;北与惠阳县、东莞县相接。

Abstract: Shenzhen, the biggest special economic zone in China, has favourable conditions consisting of superiority in geographical location and abundance of land resources. This paper deals with the land use in Shenzhen City. The landform of Shenzhen is mainly characterized by platform with slight slope. The area with a slope less than 20 degrees acounts for 66.25% of the total. The land resources, being not only favourable to urban construction and cultivation, but to animal husbandry as well, has potential superiority to exploit. The current problems of land use in Shenzhen may be enumerated as follows: 1.The type and level of land use vary greatly from place to place. 2.The cultivated land decreases rapidly while the capital construction of city is booming, much land has been wasted because of ill city planning. 3.The scattered woodland covers a large area with poor economic benefit. For rational development of land resources in Shenzhen, the author suggests that; 1.To promote the economic benefit of land, the structure in land use must be adjusted. 2.More attention be paid to planning of land use, which contains some measures such as: strictly contrel non-agricultural land use, energetically develop tourism, fully exploit coastal area and sea area, correctly handle the relation between resources exploitation and environment protection, establish a unified organization for management of land use. The most important task for economic development in SEZ is the exploitation of land resources. While take up the capital construction, we should rationally use each piece of land, in order to achieve the best benefit of land resources. The demands of construction of Shenzhen is to set up a favourable investment environment, to establish a base of agricultural products for export, to promote the growth. of both economic and ecologic benefits.