›› 1986, Vol. 6 ›› Issue (4): 289-298.

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沈灿燊, 刘美南   

  1. 中山大学地理系
  • 出版日期:1986-10-30 发布日期:1986-10-30


SHEN Tsanhsin, LAU Maynan   

  1. Zhongshan University
  • Online:1986-10-30 Published:1986-10-30

摘要: 产流是降雨到达地面后,经过蒸发、下渗后形成地表径流的过程。其下渗机制除与雨型有关外,和流域下垫面的地理景观也有极密切关系。下垫面地理景观包括当地自然地理因素和有关人类活动的种种因素。华南地处热带、亚热带,自然环境复杂,而人类活动诸如种植大面积的水稻田和梯田,改良土壤后引起土层的上下两层不连续面的结构,大量砍伐森林后用大壕沟方式重新种植的次生林木,一连串的小水利工程,以及城镇兴起和公路修建后的不透水面积的增加……等等,都会影响到产流过程和结果。忽视这些因素,所导出的产流模型会失去真实性。即所得结果与真实情况大相迳庭。

Abstract: The process of runoff generation is determind by physiogeographical environment, surface configuration and human activities. A long time, the author studied many models of runoff generation of small watersheds in South China. The studies revealed that it is unsuccessful to calculate the water yield of small drainage according to formulas basing on "formation at the natural storage" or "formation in excess of infiltration" models. In other words, both the ideas are not compatible to use in the storm flow region in Hainan Island, the bulkhead Pearl River delta, the confined groundwater region as well as the Karst areas in Guangdong Province. In Karst region, specially where the soil covering in thin, a large quantity of surface water infiltrates through the fissures and the sinkhole of limestone layer, and shifts into groundwater as soon as it has rained out. It may be said that the models as advanced by R.E. Horton cannot be applied generlly to many places in South China. In terms of aforemetioned condition, the author sets the new idea as "different physio-geographical region has different process of runoff generation and should be created suitable model for runoff forecast." The researches dealing with some 60 usual models over the world show that the infiltration equations which base on R.E. Horton's theory cannot be applied in South China. The author cited the example of the new model for Karst region in South China and prediction of water yield in some stations. The result is very satisfactory. Then, he proves his "Idea of landscape flow genertion" is truthfulness also.