›› 1987, Vol. 7 ›› Issue (2): 181-191.

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邓郁友, 罗国枫   

  1. 广州地理研究所
  • 出版日期:1987-04-30 发布日期:1987-04-30
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Deng Yuyou, Luo Guofeng   

  1. Guangzhou Insituie of Geography
  • Online:1987-04-30 Published:1987-04-30

摘要: 海南岛是我国第二大宝岛。在她3.4万平方公里的陆域及其沿海,不仅有丰富的自然景观旅游资源,而且不乏人文景观旅游资源。这些资源同她所拥有的其它热带资源一样,多具有鲜明个性,对游客有特殊的吸引力。秀丽的热带风光、迷人的海湾沙滩、珍贵稀有的生物、奇特的火山、温泉、少数民族风情、与众不同的美食等等,都很值得人们欣赏、品尝。旅游资源的开发价值很高,旅游业前景广阔。

Abstract: For its unique tropical island characteristics,Hainan tourist potential is of special value.Therefore,Hainan Island is the best place in China to develop tropical tourism.The main types of Hainan tourist resources are:1.Tropical scenery,beaches and flora and fauna;2.Activities of famous people of ancient and recent past;3.Preserves of precious and scarce animals and plants;4.Wide variety of delicacies with special tastes.At present,tourism in Hainan is just beginning,with serious limitations such as tour facilities,service availability and transportation.It is not wise to overtax the tourist resources at present.The develpment in Hainan tourism should therefore seriously follow these principles:1.To emphasize the tropical characteristics and make good use of the available local resources;2.To develop the tourism industry step by step and to control this process in a macro way;3.To carefully combine scenic spots with travelling routes to construct tourist networks;4.To adapt facilities to the requirement of tourism.Proposals are then put forward:to made the first move in Sanya and Haikou with the first step being the construction of swimming facilities at beaches;to enhence the tourist spots along the eastern highway and therefore build up a tourist network in the east coast;to develop selected spots in the middle and western highways to provide tourists with alternative routes up and down the island to make their journey more interesting;to enforce particular policies so that the tourist resources,such as wondcrful animals and plants,special delicacies,and local handicrafts,will be protected,reproduced and manufctured;to build adequate seaport and airport terminals to meet the urgent needs of tourism.The authors predict that six main tourist districts will be established progressively in Hainan Island.These districts are Haikou (including Qiongshan),Sanya (including Lingshui),Warming (including Qionghai,Tongshi,Qinglan and Danxian).