TROPICAL GEOGRAPHY ›› 1993, Vol. 13 ›› Issue (4): 344-350.

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Chen Chao-fan   

  1. Guangzhou Education College, 510150
  • Received:1992-10-01 Online:1993-10-30 Published:1993-10-30


The Yuncheng Basin is situated at the middle reaches of the Xijian River basin in West Guangdong.The bottom of the basin is spotted with Karst peaks,the hilly land is distributed by acid red limestone soil,and the wide valleys belong to rice soil area.The basin can be divided into three zones of soils:The middle zone with paddy soils in the broad valleys and acid red limestone soil on the hills; North and west zone where red earth and yellow earth are distributed on high hills and low mountains; East and south zone with crimson soil on low hills and rice soils in broad valleys and small plains. The author considers that the basic measures to improve soils in the a areas are as follows:1) make we11 affrestation, and water and soil conservation;2) strengthen capital construction of farmland,arid enhance the ability of controlling flood and withstanding naturai calamities; 3) popularize the system of three crops a year and raise soil fertility,expanding the area of high and stable yield farmland.

Key words: The Yuncheng Basin, Soil-forming condition, Characteristic of soil, Improvement of soil