Tropical Geography ›› 2013, Vol. 33 ›› Issue (6): 647-658.

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Features of Coastal Landforms in Dapeng Peninsula of Shenzhen, China

ZHANG Song,SUN Xianling,WANG Wei,HUANG Rihui,LAI Yixun,LIU Yun,ZHU Lei, SONG Ting,JIN Xingxing,ZHANG Huanhuan,TIAN Xuelian   

  • Online:2013-12-01 Published:2013-12-01

Abstract: The Dapeng Peninsula is located in the eastern part of Shenzhen, Guangdong. The peninsula has a wide variety of different coastal landforms. In this paper, the basic features of the coastal landforms of the Dapeng Peninsula are discussed. The results of field investigations and laboratory experiments show that the peninsula’s coastal landforms can be classified into three groups: rocky coasts, depositional coasts, and biological coasts. As lying in a fault uplift zone, the rocky coasts occupy most of the coastal line of Dapeng Peninsula. Typical costal erosion landforms such as sea cliffs, wave cut benches, sea caves, sea arches and sea stacks can always be found on the coasts. Depositional coasts of the peninsula develop in bays between rocky headlands. Generally, a barrier-lagoon system is formed in the bay which is deeply embayed with a stream flowing in. In the bay without streams, a bay head beach develops. The middle of the peninsula is narrow and shaped somewhat like a dumbbell, and muddy beaches are formed in its eastern coast because the coastline concaves deeply landwards providing shelter from wave attacks. Mangroves grow in the muddy beaches, as well as the lagoons. Coral reefs are found in the shallow water areas around the coasts of the peninsula. According to the field evidences and the dating of the sediments of the Dapeng Peninsula and its surrounding areas cited from the previous studies, the main important factors controlling the development of the peninsula’s coastal landforms were geological structures and sea-level changes during Holocene; The peninsula’s coastal landforms began to develop after middle Holocene; no strong structural uplift had happened in the areas of the peninsula since middle Holocene; The sea level had a higher standing after the middle Holocene on the coasts of the Dapeng peninsula.

Key words: coastal landform, Holocene Higher Sea-Level, the Dapeng Peninsula