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    Review on the Game of Rights and Interests in China's Urban Renewal
    XIE Dixiang,Huo LEE
    TROPICAL GEOGRAPHY    2013, 33 (2): 231-236.  
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    Urban renewal is an important way of urban development, the key and difficulty lie in equilibrating the game of the rights and interests between stakeholders. In the period of rapid development of urbanization, there is a large-scale urban renewal in our country, which makes the game of rights and interests in China's urban renewal form unique pattern and characteristics, and it is also more complicated than that in western developed countries. This paper points out that, with the deepening of studies on China's urban renewal, some achievements have been gained in the studies of game of stakeholders' rights and interests. But there are some problems and shortcomings need to be solved in the studies, such as the relationship between the stakeholders and social movement phenomena in urban renewal. Future studies should make comprehensive use of the multidisciplinary theories, focus on in-depth study of the typical cases, and gradually build a game theory of the rights and interests in urban renewal based on China's national conditions.
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