›› 1986, Vol. 6 ›› Issue (1): 61-62.

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  1. 广州地理研究所
  • 出版日期:1986-01-30 发布日期:1986-01-30


CHEN Qinde   

  1. Guangzhou Institute of Geography
  • Online:1986-01-30 Published:1986-01-30

摘要: 深圳市包括深圳经济特区和宝安县,自1980年建立特区以来,经济蓬勃发展,人口迅速增加,对水的需求量与日俱增.水的供需矛盾逐渐突出.因此,摸清本地区水资源的数量、质量、肘空变化规律,并探求合理利用水资源的途径,对深圳经济发展,具有一定的现实意义.

Abstract: Subtropical monsoon climate with plentiful rainfall provides abundant water reso urces for the economic development of Shenzhen. But the seasonal variation of precipitation causes a number of difficulties in making good use of such resources. Take account of aforementioned condition, the reservoir constructions for regulate of water should be want. The mean annual rainfall amounts to 1600-2000mm. The runoff depth shifts from 800mm to 1100mm by declining westwards in almost the same way, while the require ment of water resources decreases eastwards. Speaking of water quality, it is excellent, except that of the Shenzhen river which has been seriously polluted by urban sewage.Although the quantity of water can fullymeet demand at present., but will be in short supply by 2000 yr A.D., in that time the population will reach 800,000. Groundwater, which deposits in the granite crack, can be exploited as auxiliary source. Efhcientmeasures must be taken in order to save mater, to effectively utilize local water resources and to improve waetr environment.