›› 1987, Vol. 7 ›› Issue (1): 76-82.

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  1. 广州地理研究所
  • 出版日期:1987-01-30 发布日期:1987-01-30


Xu Zice   

  1. Guangzhou Institute of Geography
  • Online:1987-01-30 Published:1987-01-30

摘要: 从经济特区创立一开始,对其合理发展规模就存在不同的意见。直到现在,这个问题也还没有得到真正的解决。六年多来的实践说明,这不但是关系到特区规划工作的重大问题,也是关系到特区建设能否顺利进行,尽早取得更大效益的重大问题。今天重新来议论这个问题,除了从每个特区的基础、投资条件、管理以及效益来考虑之外,还应该将特区的合理发展规模与如何更好地体现特区的"特"字联系起来,以求在更广泛的范围内进一步讨论。

Abstract: Since the special economic zones have been built for more than six years in China, the correct conelusion about the reasonable developing scale of the SEZ should be gained. It is proved that massivity in developmental scale and adventure in developmental speed are unsuitable. These matters lead to that the capital construction investment goes out control, thus bringing about a series of problem, namely, the trouble in financial position, deficiency in material supply, as well as the difficulty of management. If the scale of SEZ is too large, the fulfilment of preferential policies will be curtailed and the specific characteristics of the SEZ will be weakened.The administrative experience of SEZ tells us that the key of running SEZ well (iocs not depend on how large the scale of the SEZ is but how to retain and enhance the characteristics of the SEZ. We should create an investment climate which is comparable to that abroad for foreign investors, and should choose a suitable area in the city of the SEZ where all the foreign funded enterpries. joint venture enterpries as well as cooperative enterpries will be allowed to run business activities which are legal in capitalist society. Thereby, the SEZ of our country will can compete with any kinds of exportprocessing free zone in the world on the basis of equality. The forementioned specific area may be labeled "specific area in SEZ", is one of the models of SEZ that should be chosen nowadays in China.