TROPICAL GEOGRAPHY ›› 2017, Vol. 37 ›› Issue (2): 145-153.doi: 10.13284/j.cnki.rddl.002929

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Composition and Important Research Issues of the Regional System of Coastal Areas and Territorial Seas

PENG Feia,LIU Tianbaoa,HAN Zenglina,ZHANG Yaoguanga,LI Yingb   

  1. (a.Center for Studies of Marine Economy and Sustainable Development;b.College of Urban and Environmental Science, Liaoning Normal University,Dalian 116029,China)
  • Online:2017-03-05 Published:2017-03-05

Abstract: The security and development of the coastal areas and territorial seas are related to the core interests of the country. In China, the theory of coastal and territorial waters has not been given due attention, realistic needs of maintaining rights and interests in the territory cannot be met with the weakening theoretical basis. This paper attempted to abandon the past concept about territorial seas “Land to determine the ocean”, and constructed the theoretical framework of the territorial seaside system under the background of human-ocean relations, defined the concept of the territorial seas and its composition based on the marine subject, discussed the attribute characteristics of the coastal areas and territorial seas system. The article summarized the general attributes of the territorial seas into three parts: natural attribute, social attribute and relationship attribute. Based on the characteristics of the territorial system boundary in the sea area, this paper divided the territorial seas system into three types: isolated seas regional system, separated seaside regional system and contact sea area regional system, and analyzed the interactive relationship among the elements of territorial seas system at the same time of the system types being classified. It is found that in the coastal areas and territorial seas system, the state dominates the space and shape of the ocean and land for its own security and development, and it is also the historical process of the temporal and spatial evolution of the national coastal and territorial system. Ocean and land have natural, social and relations properties and other basic properties under the leading role of the country, human activities lead to the formation of a complex interaction between the state and the oceans, the state and the land, and the sea and land in the coastal and territorial system. Ocean and land provide material basis and space security for the country's security and development, the state (human activities) develops and uses marine and land resources according to their own knowledge and scientific and technological capabilities. The territorial areas are re-shaped in the process of the system operation, and the perfection and renewal of the coastal areas and territorial seas system have been continually promoted when the country reflects the impact of its own activities and the status of the regional system. At present, the key fields of research on the coastal areas and territorial seas system include the basic theoretical research of the coastal areas, the safeguarding of the territorial seas and territorial rights, the development and protection of coastal areas and territorial seas, and the strategic study of coastal areas and territorial seas.

Key words: coastal areas and territorial seas, regional system, country, land, ocean