About Journal

      Tropical Geography is a comprehensive geographic academic journal in South China and is sponsored by the Guangzhou Institute of Geography, Guangdong Academy of Science. First published in 1980, it is now issued monthly on the 5th of each month and publicly distributed both in China and abroad. It reports mainly on original geographical science and research that highlight obvious regional characteristics of the global tropical and subtropical regions and are meaningful for improving knowledge. It includes innovative and forward-looking research papers, reviews, and overviews of geography and its subbranches as well as related and interdisciplinary subjects. It does not reject any excellent papers at the national or international level, but it does not accept submissions that have a significant bias in the choice of study area. 
      The current purpose of Tropical Geography is “quality, standardization, efficiency, and leadership.” With the publication focus on “high quality” and “specialization,” and a policy of “aiming to be at the scientific forefront, serving social needs, paying attention to quality, and ensuring speedy publication,” Tropical Geography takes on a mission to establish a free, healthy, and active communication platform to establish academic discipline and serve the socioeconomic development of China. 
      At present, Tropical Geography is a source journal for the Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), Chinese core journals, and China’s science and technology core journals. According to the 2023 Annual Report on Impact Factors of Chinese Academic Journals, its composite impact factor, citation impact factor, and five-year impact factor were 3.364 (in 2022), 3.000, and 3.197, respectively.

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