›› 1985, Vol. 5 ›› Issue (4): 222-232.

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YANG Pingru, LIANG Yougan, CHEN Shaoqi, ZHANG Xiran   

  1. Institute of soil Science, Guangdong province
  • Online:1985-10-30 Published:1985-10-30

Abstract: The Hanjiang Delta is the second Largest deltaic plain in South China.It covers an area of 1700 square kilometres.Under the complex effects of environment factors and agricultural activities,paddy soil,dry cultivated alluvial soil,seashore sandy soil,tidal beach saline soil,lateritic red earth and red earth formed there.paddy soil is the main one among these six soil groups,it makes up 90% of the total area of cultivated land Among the soil species of paddy soil,sandy mud field,covering half the area of paddy soil,is a major high productive soil in the delta.In order to raise the fertility and to maintain a higher productivity of soils,it is necessary to adopt the following measures:development of organic manure sources,rotation of rice and dry crops,adequate fertilization,and improvement of irrigation and drainage.