TROPICAL GEOGRAPHY ›› 1995, Vol. 15 ›› Issue (1): 40-48.

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Li Ling   

  1. Department of Geography, Zhongshan University, Guangzhou 510275
  • Received:1994-08-01 Online:1995-01-30 Published:1995-01-30


The impetus of the population migration in Guangdong since the 1980s based mainly on the disparities of regional economic development between Guangdong and other areas of China and between the Pearl River Delta and oiller areas of Guangdong.The population Guansdong in the second half of the 1980s has sts featuresas compared with that in the whole country and other Coastal provinces;1)larger amount ofmigrants 1 2)higher prOPortion of migrants who loved from rural to urban areas;3)higherproportion of spontaneous misrants;4)the biggest proportion of migrants who moved forbussiness reasons;5)higher proportion of female migfrants;6)the majority of migrants concentrated in the Pearl River.Delta who come mainly from the eastern and western parts of Guangdong or the neighbour provinces.It is predicted that the yearly need of migrant labour will be over one hundred thousandin the rest years of the 1990s due to the strong increase of economy in GuangdonS,the industrial structure which is featured with different levels of labour intension in different areaswithin Guangdong and the relative shortage of labour supply within the province.Duringthe same time,the Pearl River Delta will still be the main concentration area of migrants;the eastern and western parts of Guangdong,the fringe areas of the Pearl River Delta andsome cities and counties in mountain areas with good traffic condition may become new destinations of migration i but the most parts of mountain areas will still be important laboursupply areas within Guangdong.In conclusion two works need to be done in order to keep the fast and steady economicincrease.One is to promote the economic growth in the less developed areaS in order to alleviate the out miSration of labour.The oiller is to reduce the effect of labour input in economic increase throuSh the adjustment of tile industry structure)therefore,to reduce thepressure on the inchonment.

Key words: Pophiation migration, Regional disparities, Guangdong Province