TROPICAL GEOGRAPHY ›› 1995, Vol. 15 ›› Issue (3): 202-209.

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Zhong Ying   

  1. Guangzhou Insitute of Geography 510070
  • Received:1995-05-01 Online:1995-07-30 Published:1995-07-30


The Huizhou-Danshui-Aotou Economic Corridor (HDAEC),lcoated in the middle south of Huizhou Municipality,consists of Huizhou city (Huicheng District),Huiyang city (Danshui and Qiuchang townships),the Daya Bay Economic Technological Developmant District (Antou and Xiachong townships) and Yonghu Township of Huiyang.It has an area of 1038 square kilometres,and a population of 400 thousand (permanent residents) by the end of 1993.Huizhou,Danshui,Aotou and other townships in HDAEC are linked by a natural passage.Since the 1980's,especially,after being put into the Zhujiang Delta Economic Open Zone,their economic development has been speeded up.Being adjacent to Shenzhen Special Economic Zone,having good transportation and communication facilities,favourable in investment poli cies,rich in land resources,and cheap in labour forces,this area has become another focus absorbing more and more domestic and foreign investment.In order to improve the investment environment,much attention has been paid to the construction of high-grade highways,railways,and deep water ports,thus all towns are linked into a whole.Consequently,the newly develop ing Huizhou-Danshui-Aotou Economic Corridor has formed,in which Huicheng District is its backing and the Daya Bay District is its forefront.Along with the operation of Huizhou Port,the open of Beijing-Jiulong (Kowloon) Railway and Guangzhou-Meizhou-Shanton Railwad,a bright futrue for HDAEC appears.Huizhou is the core city of the eastern Zhujiang Delta,important tourism senic city and new high-tech industrial base,and supporting point for the economic diffusion to eastern and north-eastern Guangdong.Huiyang will become a near-port industrial city and important base of fundamental industries in the Zhujiang Delta.Daya Bay Economic Technological Open District Will become an urban dis trict with sea-facing industries,ocean transportation and tourism.

Key words: The Zhujiang(Pearl River)Delta, Huizhou-Danshui-Aotou Economic corridor