›› 1985, Vol. 5 ›› Issue (4): 233-240.

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CHEN Guangwan, CHEN Xuejian, SUN wenjuan   

  1. Department of Geograph, South China Normal University
  • Online:1985-10-30 Published:1985-10-30

Abstract: The city of Maoming,located in the west of Guangdong province,South China,started its industry for artificial oil in the 1950's,taking advantage of the oil shale deposit near by.After 1960,the industry gradually advanced into one that was capable of processing the local shale and the petroleum from North China as we1l.Later in 1970's,many other industries such as petrochemical,electric power,building material,etc.appeared here.The city will certainly become an even more important base in the exportation of oil products.With the development of the industries,several areas with different functions have taken shape in the city.In order to promote the further development of Maoming,the authors suggest tha certain adjustments in the distribution of the industries should be made and that the suburban agriculture,which should supply the city with more agricultural products and side-line products,should be established.