TROPICAL GEOGRAPHY ›› 1995, Vol. 15 ›› Issue (2): 109-114.

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Chen Ning   

  1. Shantou College of Education, Guangdong 515041
  • Received:1994-12-01 Online:1995-04-30 Published:1995-04-30


Shantou Municipality, located along the coast in East Guangdong, is a region wherethere are too many people but less land. The degree of self-sufficiency of grain was about 40% in 1993. With the decrease of cultivated land and the growth of population, deficiencyin grain had been a severe problem since the 1950s. Because of various reasons the relation between the degree of self-sufficiency and purchasing quantity of grain/has not been wellcoordinated. The circulation of grain has been affected adversely by the poor transportation conditions and the ftictinns of trade among provinces. The developing goal made for the cityrestricted the growing speed in producting grain. Natural calamities and hidden troubles inagricultural ecology impair high and stable yields in grain. The unchecked development of industry has restricted the implementation of agricultural macro-strategy.Effective strategic measures should be adopted for soling grain problem in Shantou; to strengthen hod management and birth control; to use scientincally the cultivated land as toincrease per unit area yield and to stabilize total output; to tap new grain resources fromoutside and to put into effect the policy that aiding agriculture with the help of industry; tooptimiz the development of agricultural resources under the conditions of market economy;to study conscientiously counter measures on grain problem under the situation when China returns to the GATT; to reserve gnawn in normal years and to spread the idea of saving grainfood.

Key words: Grain, Measure Shantou, Municipality