TROPICAL GEOGRAPHY ›› 2015, Vol. 35 ›› Issue (6): 910-916.doi: 10.13284/j.cnki.rddl.002788

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Temporal and Spatial Evolution and Classification of Square Enclosure Clan Settlement in Guangdong

REN Bingxun   

  1. (School of Geography Sciences and Planning,Sun Yat-sen University,Guangzhou 510275,China)
  • Online:2015-11-05 Published:2015-11-05


Through literature review, field observation, construction analysis, in-depth interview and other research methods, the evolution and classification of 86 cases of square enclosure clan settlements in Guangdong Province were analyzed. The results showed that: square enclosure clan settlements in Guangdong had experienced an evolution of initial construction, secondary intensive construction, intensive construction and stagnant stages. The form of clan settlements had changed from a mixture of large and small scales in the early stage to a stable balance between large and small sales in the middle stage and then to small scales in the later stage. The clan settlement formation mechanism was mainly influenced by geographical conditions, sub-ethnicity migration, territory advantages and political factors. The square enclosure clan settlements were restricted by geographical conditions, and they were distributed along migration routes. Territory advantages played a major role in their formation while political factors had played a leading role. Using turrets, clan halls with central axes and numbers as criteria, the square enclosure clan settlements in Guangdong Province were classified into 8 types, i.e., Gan, Dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Gen and Kun, using mathematical permutation and combination and the Eight Diagrams. The square enclosure clan settlements concentrated in the four areas of the south, north, east and west with Hakka sub-ethnicity scattering between them in a major Xun type and with two blank areas of the southwest and northwest.

Key words: square enclosure clan settlement, the Eight Diagrams classification method, Guangdong Province