TROPICAL GEOGRAPHY ›› 2018, Vol. 38 ›› Issue (1): 131-142.doi: 10.13284/j.cnki.rddl.002955

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Ancient Town Tourism Planning Model with Picture Scroll Style Based on Landscape Gene Map:A Case Study of the Jinggang Ancient Town

CAO Shuaiqiang1,2,DENG Yunyuan1   

  1. (1.Cooperative Innovation Center for Digitalization of Cultural Heritage in Traditional Villages and Towns,Hengyang 421008,China;2.Institute of International Rivers and Ecological Safety,Yunnan University,Kunming 650091,China)
  • Online:2018-01-05 Published:2018-01-05

Abstract: According to the concept of landscape gene and its map theory, the concept of landscape gene and its map and tourism planning with picture scroll style are discussed, and the “picture scroll” tourism planning technology of ancient town based on the inner relationship among them is established. Following the theoretical structure of “one goal, two meanings, three functions, four characteristics, five elements”, the paper explores the “picture scroll style tourism planning model”, which takes genetic route of information and cultural stories of expression as the genetic map pattern. On the basis of that, taking the town of Jinggang as an example, this paper explores the main landscape genetic map of the ancient town with the method of field visit and the analysis of historical and cultural characteristics. Then the “picture scroll style tourism planning model” is constructed and applied. The results show that: 1) The ecological civilization of Jinggang town is suitable for the expression of the main gene map (the livable picture of Merchants Street culture, the picture of the culture of the piers along the river); 2) Experience of military science and education activities is the internal unique gene map expression of the picture mode (the live 4S activity experience picture scroll of the war culture of the navy division of Xiangjun in ancient time, the science and education picture scroll of the red culture); 3) The local folk activity is the external unique gene map expression of the picture scroll (the picture of living folk culture of the merchants’ buildings, the picture of production skills of folk culture, the leisure picture of the folk food culture, the cinema picture of ancient folk entertainment culture, and the ecological picture of modern folk entertainment culture); 4) Religious cultural activities are the only locality gene map expression of the picture mode (the sacrifice picture of Buddhist and Taoist culture, the pilgrimage picture of Western religious culture, the morality picture of Confucianist culture). The causal analysis method of natural science is used to refine the planning of humanities. The combination of the gene theory in Biology and tourism science derives the ancient town “picture scroll style” tourism planning model based on the landscape gene map. Such interaction between natural and humanity sciences would be of great practical significance to provide a new theoretical method and perspective for the practice of ancient town tourism planning, and to explore, activate, inherit and carry forward the local culture of the tourism destination.

Key words: ancient town, landscape gene map, cultural heritage, picture scroll style, tourism planning model, the Jinggang Ancient Town