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    Sea level rise of the zhujiang delta and neotectonics
    Zeng zhaoxuan, Liu nanwei, Wu nan, Qiu shijun, Huang shan, Li pingri, Fang guoxiang, Huang guangqing, Zhu gongwu
    1992, 12 (2):  99-107. 
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    From the records of the tide gauges,it is shown that sea level of the Zhujiang Delta tends to rise and the average rising rate is 2.028mm per year.But in some uplifted regions such as Huang Pu,Hong Kong,Chi Wan,Macau etc.,sea level tends to descend.The authors point out that sea level rise would have great influence on economic construction.According to their calculation,half of the Zhujiang Delta may drop down to sea level and may be submerged by sea water in about 2050.At that time,half of the fertile land in the Delta would be lost.Therefore,the dykes and dams along the coastline must be reinforced in order to deal with the rise of sea level.
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    Comparison of china beach rock between and japan
    Huang zhenguo
    1992, 12 (2):  108-121. 
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    The north limits of the beach rock in Xiangshan (29°30'N),Zhejiang Province of China and in Suzu (37°29'N) of Noto Peninsula of Japan have been found,respec-lively.The former is located at middle ubtropical zone while the latter at warm temperate zone.The beach rocks can be divided into two types of intertidal and intense wave zone,and their subtypes is composed of sand,gravel,shell debris and coral reef debris.It is considered that the origin of beach rock is chiefly cemented by calcium carbonate deposits from sea-water but not from underground water and the calcium carbonate is existed in the form of aragonite and Mgrich calcite.There are some beach rocks of Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene in China but those in Japan are all dated Holocene.According to the ages,the Holocene beach rocks are classified into four groups in Japan:5000-6500a,3000-4500a,1000-2000a and 0-500a B.P.,and three groups in China:5300-5800a,3200-4400a and 0-2500a B.P.The development periods of beach rock are comparable with the warm climate periods in China or Japan.
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    Modern sediment and its sources in the paling bay of east guangdong
    Chen yaotai
    1992, 12 (2):  122-128. 
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    Surface sediment in the Yaling Bay can be divided into six types,of which siltymud is the main one.Minerals in the sediment are basically in accordance with those of the suspension load in the Daya Bay.Within the Yaling Bay sediment is more from the sea than from the land.Main direction of sediment from the sea is from southeast to northwest.Sediment from the land mainly consists of rock fragments which are carried from mountains by streams and surface flows of the earth,producing little effect to the sea area of more than 2m in depth.The two kinds of sediment are limited intage to quantity and therefore depositional velocity in the bay is slow.It gives advan the development of ports and waterways.
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    A study on lifetime of the lingdingyang and huangmaohai estuaries
    Qiao pengnian
    1992, 12 (2):  129-132. 
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    The lingdingyang and Huangmaohai estuaries located separately at the east and west of the Zhujiang Delta,are the remain parts of the paleo-Zhujiang estuary in the evolution process of the delta.Both of them have the shape of the bell with under-water landform of "two channels and three shallows" .Although different in time anspace,they can be categorized as a transition between the estuary of strong tide anithat of runoff-dominated delta.The sedimentation model is basically similar to that oreserviors in rivers.Applying Lapshenkov formula which is used for calculating reservior sedimentation,it is predicted that the estuaries will be silted up in about 700years.
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    Petrology analysis of danxia landform in jinjiling district, north guangdong
    Liang baihe, Zhu sulin, Chen guoneng
    1992, 12 (2):  133-140. 
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    The Danxia group of Eogene in the Jinjiling district of north Guangdong is a suit of red rock series in which the rock beddings are seen clearly and the'bed thick-nesses change cyclically.The dominant rock of the group is calcareous feldsparthic quartz sandstonewith purplish red colour.The rock is mainly characterized by medium compositional maturity,medium diagenetic strength and certain dissolubility.Because of the characteristics,the rock with fractures is weathered faster than that without fracture when the water penetrates through the fractures,so some distinctive Danxia landscapes such as deep crevices and narrow channels are developed along the fractures.The formation of the bedded-caves is related to a kind of feldsparthic quartz sandstone that container more calcite and more diagenetic fractures.The development of microlandforms are mainly controlled by the lithological charac-teristics of the rock.Sheet erosion,dissolution and sedimentation play an importantrole in creating the micro-Danxia landform.
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    On the problems of environmental geomorphology in guangzhou city
    Liu ruihua
    1992, 12 (2):  141-148. 
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    The progress of the urban construction in Guangzhou is introduced in this paper.According to the change of land-use and micro-landform in urban construetion,the effects of the artificial geomorphological process on urban environment are analysed.In order to utilize the urban land more rationally,improve the environment and do urban construction well in the near future,a long-range plan should be made.The author suggests some topics of environmental geomorphology of Guangzhou City:(1)shape features and classification of geomorphology in the city;(2)geomorphology of main river-valleys and their hydrologic characteristics;(3)geological environment in projected regions;(4)survey of vertical change of landform under the new-built region and new buildings on the banks of the Zhujiang River;(5)research of disater geomorphology.
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    On principle and method of management division in constructed area of large city
    Du qiming, Yan qi
    1992, 12 (2):  149-155. 
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    In this paper,some problems on regional division of city management are discussed in relation to practices of the management zone in Guangzhou and some other cities.Firstly,the division principle and method of city administration are studied on the basis of present condition and the experience of management zone of city adminis-tration(e.g.Guangzhou).It is proposed that different administration zones of city be graded according to scale and strength of districts,the demarcation line of district groups be located on a place where the group has relatively low impression.The grade,range and boundary line of the zone be readjusted in light of group change.Secondly,the administration zones in large city can be classfied into "the whole city proper", "multipurpose management zone" and "social zone",and named after traditional place name with feature.
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    On the rational distribution facilities in foshan of public construction urban districts
    Chen peiling
    1992, 12 (2):  156-161. 
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    The main problems of the former public construction facilities in Foshan Urban Districts use to be:(1)the quantity of the facilities couldn't catch up with the needs of the increasingly growing population;(2)their distribution was irrational;(3)part of them were incomplete and old.In resent years,as the urban district economy develops,the public facilities have been reconstructed and distributed rationally.The former "one-sided way'of distributing the facilities has been changed into "many-sided way",in which the public facilities are divided into three levels:city facilities,district facilities,and residential quarter facilities,thus the public facilities can be made full use of.The author considers that in the overall urban planning,the scale and quotas of the public facilities should be desided according to the levels of the urban economic development and living requirement,e.g.
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    On the development of export-oriented economy in fujian
    Zheng weimin
    1992, 12 (2):  162-169. 
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    The superiorities as well as the achievement and problems in developing export-oriented economy in Fujian are analysed comprehensively in this paper.It is considered that Fujian is of superiorities of geographic location,human and physical geographic conditions,and development environment;thought Fujian has entered a new developing stage,it faces severe challenges.Therefore,the author puts forward some measures for speeding up the development of the export-oriented economy in Fujian:(1)make full use of the superiorities of opening policies so as to push the work forward;(2)strengthen the economic relationship and cooperation between Fujian,Taiwan and Hongkong;(3)take more flexible forms and measures to accelerate the pace of introducing foreign capital;(4)carry out a strategy of developing export-oriented economy at different levels with various ways;(5)strengthen the infras-tructure construction of transportation.
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    The spatial developing process of taiwan culture
    weng qihao, Zhang yan
    1992, 12 (2):  170-177. 
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    From the viewpoint of spatial development of culture,the origins,distribution,development,landscapes and ecology of Taiwan culture are discussed in this paper.The following conclusions are derived:(1)Taiwan culture originates in Nandao language-branch culture and Han-Zhang language-family culture.(2) Han-Zhang language-family culture is distributed in the west plain and the northeast area of Taiwan,while Nandao language-branch culture in the central mountains and the east coastal area of the island.(3)Taiwan was successively occupied by Holland,Spain and Japan for about one century,and profoundly inflenced by the culture of the United States after Kuomintang moved to Taiwan since 1949,thus Taiwan cul-ture develops into a pluralistic culture.(4)Taiwan cultural landscapes are mainly related to material cultural landscapes(civil buildings,religious buildings and decora-tive art)and non-material cultural landscape(music,dance,languages and folk customs).
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    An analysis of the precipitation characteristics in taiwan strait
    Chen guanhui, Huang rongxiang
    1992, 12 (2):  178-184. 
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    Based on the climate data during 1961-1980,the characteristics of precipitation Strait are analysed.It shows that the precipitation of Taiwan Strait are mainly caused by the landform,monsoon and the tropical weather system.The regional and seasonal variations of precipitation are very obvious.The geogra-phic distribution of annual precipitation is coast is larger than that in the west;the least precipitation is in Penghu Islandsin Taiwan Strait.
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    On the succession of animal community in holocene epoch and the extinct times of some tropical animals in yunmeng plain, china
    Liu gongjie
    1992, 12 (2):  185-191. 
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    Before cultivated,the primitive natural landscape of Yunmeng plain was mottlec with forest and marsh.During the Middle Holoence epoch when the climate was warn the plain was a central region for animal distribution,where many giant animals lived and breeded.The composition of animal community was abundant and varied There were also some tropical components in the community.However,they are alvanished today as the result of the later climate cooling and human activities.Elephants decreased rapidly in the Jin dynasty and vanished in the plain in the Sou-thern Song dynasty,as well as rhinoceros and tapir.
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