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    Top-down deepening and application development of integrated physical geography
    Chen chuankang, Zhengjiehua
    1991, 11 (2):  97-104. 
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    Three interrelational stages of deepening and development in integrated physical geography are regionalizational evaluation,taxonomical planning and section design.Through a few case studies,it is demonstrated in this paper that both the locational choice of projects and the reconstruction of plots having been used are involved in the problem of section design.Integrated physical geography can serve this practice and provide the basic security of section design for concrete project design.The section design includes locational choice,identification of ground bearing capacity,design of environmental relationship of two or three dimentional construction,malting place green and gardend,and establishment of environmental perceptive atmosphere and so on.They may provide a foundation for concrete building's design of construc-tive department with relation to planning department so that the constructive does not divorce from the overall planning.
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    A study on historical geography of the three famous ancient passes in south china
    Liang guozhao
    1991, 11 (2):  105-112. 
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    Hengpu,Yangshan and Huangxi Passes were three strategic passes in South China during the Qin and Han Dynasties.They played important role not only in political and military affairs,but also in economic and cultural activities.Opinions about the situation of the three passes have varied greatly.From the viewpoints of military and communication geography,the author suggests that the three passes be all water passes,adjacent to steep gorges.Combining historical records with field observations,the author infers that the three passes be situated respectively at the place by the confluence of the Zhenjiang and Mojiang in Shixing County,that between the Tongguan and Dali Gorges in Yangshan County,and that by the conflu once of the Beijiang and Lianjiang,to the south of the Zhenyang Gorge in Yingde County,Guangdong Province.Some problems about historical geography of the passes are also discussed.
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    The historical changes of the network of economic geography in the zhujiang delta
    Situ shangji
    1991, 11 (2):  113-120. 
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    The formation and evolution of theo network of economic geography in the Zhu-jiang Delta is a process of time-elapse and space-expansion,demonstrating its distinctive laws.In the Yuan Dynasty and before,this network was at its embryonic stage,during which a pattern of geographical points and axes formed,radiating scatteredly,with Guangzhou as its single centre and with relatively small gravitates sphere.In the Ming and Ching Dynasties,based on economic development,a net-work of "T" pattern formed,with Guangzhou and Macao as two centres and the Guangzhou-Macao axis running vertically through north and south,and the Guangzhou-Foshan-Chencun-Shilong axis running horizontally through east and west,radia ting strongly both inward and outward.After the Opium War,HongKong replaced Macao in importance and the vertical axis of the network moved eastward.The coverage of the network enlarged continually,stepping into a stage of expansion,which sustained on after liberation.In the recent dacade,along with the economic soar in this delta,a network of trapeoid pattern formed with three centres (Guangzhou,Hong Kong,Macao) and two vertical two horizontal axes,which has become apattern of two-side development and two-way radiation.
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    Constrution and extention of fuzhci economic and technological development zone
    Lin changjiang
    1991, 11 (2):  121-126. 
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    Achivements and problems in Fuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone,Which has been founded for more than five years,are analysed in this paper.Both soft and hard circumstances for investment have been improved,attracting more and more businessmen from Taiwan Province and from foreign countries.Exportoriented economy is playing an important role in the system of opening to the outside world At the same time,the development of the zone still has its shortcomings.For example the structure of the industry is not so rational,some defects still exist in the prevailing policies,and the development of the tertiary industry lags behind.The author considers that the extention of the zone is increasingly important and urgent for its development,and explores in particular the possibility of forming Minjiang Mouth Investment Zone consisting of Fuzhou Development Zone as its centre,and Kuai-an,Chang-an,Laneoi districts etc.
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    Prediction of siltation in the dredged outer-sea channel at shanwei port
    Zheng feng
    1991, 11 (2):  127-134. 
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    In this paper,based on the hydrological data and the computation data of two-dimension mathematics model of tidal currents,formulae of theory and experience have been used to predict the siltation of bed load sediment and suspended material in the outer-sea channel dredged after one year.It is concluded that 55×103m3 sediment will come back to the dredged channel for tonnage of 3000,and 105×103m3 to that for tonnage of 5000.
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    Prediction about the regulated depth and navigable depth for dongping channel in thf zhujiang dfita
    Zhong enqing
    1991, 11 (2):  136-143. 
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    So far the questions of predicting the regulate depth and navigable depth for alluvial rivers have not yet been satisfactorily solved.In this paper,from the viewpoint of energy balance a formula of the sediment-carrying capacity of flow is deduced,and then the formula of the regulated depth for alluvial streams is developed according to the principle of sediment transport equilibrium.The formulae have been applied to predict the regulated depth and the navigable depth of the Dongping Channel in the Zhujiang Delta.The predictive values of regulate depth are in good agreement with the measured,showing that the formulae are compratively reliable.
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    The fundamental characteristics of karst development in guangzhou-huaxian basin
    Fang guoxiang, Zheng jiansheng
    1991, 11 (2):  144-151. 
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    According to the analyses of 248 drill holes in water bearing carbonate rock areas of Guangzhou-Huaxian basin,the authors consider that the karst in Guangzhou-Huaxian basin is mainly distributed in pure carbonate rock areas,strictly controlled by tectonism,and is also developed near the paleochannels.The karst cave can bedivided into three layers.The number of cave decreases with the increase of depth.The filling rate of cave also reduces with the increase of depth and it iS higher in bigger caves.Water content in cave decreases with the increase of the filling.
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    Selective development of slope disintegration and its control-a case study in wuhua county
    Zhu gongwu
    1991, 11 (2):  152-156. 
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    The law of selective development of slope disintegration in Wuhua County is studied from the angles of tectonic stress and geomorphology.It is found that two dominant directions,azimuth of 80'-900 and 150'-1600,in the development of slope disintegration are identical with the directons (NNW,NEE)of the maximum shear stress in this area.Due to the discontinuous rise of the crust,two steps of terrace develop along the river.The shouldershape landform of the terrace leads to the rise of the gravity centre of the hill body,the increase of concentrating point of stress,and the change of the speed of runoff.The upper-lower limits of slope disin-tegration are identical with the altitudes of the terrace.The author considers that the control of the slope disintegration should depend on biological measures supported by engineering.
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    Experimental studies on the infulence of simulated acid rain on lateritic red earth
    Liu hongjie, He yigeng, Zhou gusheng, Fan xiaoping, chen Jian
    1991, 11 (2):  157-164. 
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    The results of leaching experiment of simulated acid rain on lateritic red earth show that the acid rain of pH>3.0 can not cause the abrupt acidification of the soil,but produces a decrease of base saturation and an increase of saturation of exchangeable H and Al.The content of some nutrient elements and organic matter in soils leached by acid rain is ecreased in varying degrees,but that of available N and P is increased,Acid rain can also accelarate the realease of metal elements in the this results in elements with the such leaching of basic elements such as Ca and Mg and activation as A1 and Fe.The molar ratio of Ca to AI in soil solution of soil,the decreases intensification of leaching.
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    Numerical simulation of the minimum temperature field in the city of nanjing
    Miao qilong, Chen Biaojin, Niu yuqin
    1991, 11 (2):  165-173. 
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    By using the model of energy balance the numerical values of the minimum temperature field both in winter and summer in Nanjing are simulated.The results are in good agreement with observational facts,showing that the urban minimum temperture field and the characteristics of the urban heat island can be predicted with the model.The corresponding urban energy field is also analyzed in this paper,indicating that the net surface radiation is chiefly balanced by the exchange between latent heat and soil heat before dawn in winter and by latent heat and sensible heat in summer.Numerical simulation suggests that the urban heat island at the minimun temperature in Nanjing before dawn is mostly influenced by the roughness of ground surface in summer and by the relative humidity of the air in winter,and artificial heat is not the main factor in the two seasons.
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    Types, distribution and origin of the forest vegetation on shishan mountain, wuding, yunnan
    Li wenzheng, Zhang shicong
    1991, 11 (2):  174-181. 
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    According to the analysis of the materials from integrated survey of the vegetalion and soil on Shishan Mountain in Wuding,Yunnan,the ecological environment in the area,the types,geographical distribution,origin and evolution law of the forest vegetation are explained in this paper.Some problems about the recover,develop-ment and utilization of the forest vegetation are also discussed.
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    A study of tourism in shaoguan
    Liao Jinxiong
    1991, 11 (2):  182-189. 
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    In this paper,the characteristics of the natural and human tourism resources in Shaoguan Municipality such as cave,mountain,water and forest sceneries,sacred land of religion,relics,places of historic interest,and folk customs,and the conditions of tourism are analysed.Some ideas for the development of tourism in the municipality are advanced.
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