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Scenic Byway Policy Evolution in United States: Process, Characteristics, and Enlightenment

Panpan Sun(), Qing Yu()   

  1. Scenic Byway and Tourism Transportation Research Center, Beijing Jiao tong University, Beijing 100044, China
  • Received:2019-12-26 Revised:2020-07-13 Online:2020-11-30 Published:2020-12-10
  • Contact: Qing Yu;


This study analyzed the American scenic byway policy evolution process from five aspects, namely policy evolution background, policy types, policy subjects, policy themes, and policy instruments. On this basis, the authors described and identified its evolution to provide some enlightenment and references for the construction and improvement of China's scenic byway policy. The results showed that: 1) the American scenic byway policy evolution process has gone through four periods, namely germination, initial exploration, growth and development, and transformation. This is a historical process of dynamic evolution and a landmark policy promotes historic turn. 2) The evolution of scenic byway policy in United States is influenced by various internal and external factors, such as social civilization and ideological trends, economic and ecological environment development, traffic construction and tourism demand, and the development of the scenic byway itself, which promote historical policy change through interaction and mutual driving. 3) The Act, technical guide, and research report are a triad that jointly promotes the evolution of the American scenic byway policy. Among them, research reports are the premise, acts play a guiding and leading role, and technical guides are practical. 4) After one hundred years of changes, America has formed a structure of policy-making, which is dominated by the transportation sector, united by multi-sector and cross-sector, and and participated by the public. The special scenic byway management organization has been established at the national level (National Scenic Byways Advisory Committee). 5) The United States has formed a relatively complete and practical value scenic byway policy system, which involves "construction, management, maintenance, and transportation" and provides comprehensive policy support and institutional guarantees. Finally, this paper proposed that China should follow the general law of the evolution of scenic trail policies, consider various internal and external factors, further enrich policy types, incorporate the scenic byway into China's national calendar system as much as possible, establish national-level scenic byway directorate or leading department as soon as possible, and pay attention to the whole process of "construction, management, maintenance, and transportation", based on the experience of the United States, combined with the current situation and problems of China's scenic byway policy.

Key words: scenic byway, policy evolution, revelation, United States

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