• 1995 Volume 15 Issue 1
    Published: 30 January 1995

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  • Pang Keshan
    1995, 15(1): 1-9.
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    The envlironment problems in the economic development of China in the 21st century will be mainly land environment degradation,serious vegetation destruction,grave environment disasters and agriculture pollution,and so on.According to the demands of market economic development,the comprehensive management countermeasures from the points of view in econogy,economics and technology are suggested in this paper:1)to change the old ideology and do well enwtonment protections;2)to protect natural resources and impprove eec-environment;3)to control population quantity as to reduce environment pressure.

  • Huang Zhenguo, Zhang Weiqiang
    1995, 15(1): 10-18.
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    A group of K-Ar dating data of volcanic rocks in Taiwan Island is listed in this paper,which clarifies the date of volcanic activity.And according to the changes of the plate movement in East Asia,a basic law of the volcanic activity in Taiwan can be obtainted,i.e.the volcanic activity of Taiwan is closely related with the plate movement.

  • Zhao Huanting
    1995, 15(1): 19-29.
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    Ancestors in South China discovered the Nansha Islands in the Qin-Han era,nearly 2000 years ago.Oner the past 2000 years,people in South China sailed boats to the Nansha islands by taking advantage of monsoons.There they fished for aquatic animals and plants,resided temporarily,dug wells to get drinkable water,and cultivated barren lands.

  • Liao Jinxiong
    1995, 15(1): 30-39.
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    According to the comprehensive research on the ancient culture relics unearthed from the Zhenjiang basin,as well as history and geography,communication and transportation,folk custom,and on-the-spot investigation,it is considered that Hengpu Pass,one of the three impotant passes in south of the Five Ridges during the Qin and Han Dynasties,is not on the Dayu Ridge,but at the ruin of a castle built 2200 ysars ago which is situated at the confluent of the Zhenjiang River and the mojiang River in Shixing County.

  • Li Ling
    1995, 15(1): 40-48.
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    The impetus of the population migration in Guangdong since the 1980s based mainly on the disparities of regional economic development between Guangdong and other areas of China and between the Pearl River Delta and oiller areas of Guangdong.The population Guansdong in the second half of the 1980s has sts featuresas compared with that in the whole country and other Coastal provinces;1)larger amount ofmigrants 1 2)higher prOPortion of migrants who loved from rural to urban areas;3)higherproportion of spontaneous misrants;4)the biggest proportion of migrants who moved forbussiness reasons;5)higher proportion of female migfrants;6)the majority of migrants concentrated in the Pearl River.Delta who come mainly from the eastern and western parts of Guangdong or the neighbour provinces.It is predicted that the yearly need of migrant labour will be over one hundred thousandin the rest years of the 1990s due to the strong increase of economy in GuangdonS,the industrial structure which is featured with different levels of labour intension in different areaswithin Guangdong and the relative shortage of labour supply within the province.Duringthe same time,the Pearl River Delta will still be the main concentration area of migrants;the eastern and western parts of Guangdong,the fringe areas of the Pearl River Delta andsome cities and counties in mountain areas with good traffic condition may become new destinations of migration i but the most parts of mountain areas will still be important laboursupply areas within Guangdong.In conclusion two works need to be done in order to keep the fast and steady economicincrease.One is to promote the economic growth in the less developed areaS in order to alleviate the out miSration of labour.The oiller is to reduce the effect of labour input in economic increase throuSh the adjustment of tile industry structure)therefore,to reduce thepressure on the inchonment.

  • Wu Yuwen, Wan Changming, Chen Dening
    1995, 15(1): 49-55.
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    Guangzhou City is one of the largest cities whitch have amount of flating population.The flating population of Guangzhou is charactized by the high ratio of sex,wide sourdes,varous business goals,younger age,lower education level and a longer stay.Its administration,labour service,birth control and public security are found out many problems.

  • Xue Desheng, Li Xun
    1995, 15(1): 56-61.
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    Guangzhou is one of the cities in the coastal restons in China which have obtained the fastest changes in urban socio-economy and urban structure since the reform and opening to the outside world at the end of the 1970s.In the course of the urban development in the last 15 years,many residential areas have appeared in the city's suburb,which symbolizes suburbanization line that in the western countries.The appearence and future development of suburbanization in Guangzhou mainly depends on title following conditions;The first,the change of the three,level environments,which are the smallest environment within houses,the larger environment of working,commuting and shopping,the largest environment near the city of touring,going out for business or holiday;The second,the emergence of some middle class and the large ammount of migrants from outside moving into the inner city,which has resulted in the restructure of communities and the formation of some special communities.

  • Zheng Zhiqing
    1995, 15(1): 62-69.
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    By using ecologic method,the features and eec-environmental roles of street trees in Guangzhou City are studied,The main problems of street trees in the city are decreasing species,simple structure,lower ecological quality and environmental roles,and uneven distribution.To make Guangzhou City green by planting trees with a high standard,some suggestions are put forward in this paper;1)increasing the quantity and species of street trees,and raising the coverage ratio and plant productivity;2)setting up a rational vertical structure of street trees;3)designing various forms of street planting for the major avenues;4)selecting suitable species of street trees.

  • Zheng Bohong
    1995, 15(1): 70-76.
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    Yunshan is located in the place of Hunan where Wugang City,Chengbu County and Xinning County meet.Its main body is in the southwest of Wugang,between 110°22'~111°03'E and 26°25'~27°00'N'.It is a famous treasure-house of plant resource with many new and special species.Yunshan National Forest Park is characterized by its old floraand abvious transition features,varied types of vegetation and integrated structure of community,rich plant resources and many valuable species,and stable ecosystem.The main functions of Yunshan are ecological,economic,scientific research,tourism,and social functions.Some suggestions and measures to manage the park are given as follows;1)to improve the administration system;2)to make an overall planning;3)to delimit a boundary of the Forest Park;4)to combine development and protection of resources;5)to raise the quality of management personnel.

  • Xu Feixiong
    1995, 15(1): 77-83.
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    Natural fish resoureces in Hunan are characterized by the great variety,distinct areal differece,serious degradation and great potentialities for proliferation.The decline of natural fish resources results mainly from the reduction of natural waters,the deterioration of water quality,excessive water conservancy projects and the confusion of management and administration of fishery.Some measures to protect and proliferate natural fish resources are suggested;improve the ecological conditions for fishes,strengthen the management and administration of fishery;optimize the composition of fish fauna;determine the fishing forbidden period and zone,and enhance the research of natural fish resources.

  • Liu Tizhi
    1995, 15(1): 84-90.
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    Hengshan Mountain in Hunan Province is situated in subtropical zone,but because of its special geosraphical situation and obvious vertical zonality the winter climate of the upper part of the mountain is like that of Beijing.It is rich in ice and snow resources,and with convenient communiCation,rich soures of traveller,good tourism installations and other related tourism resources,the ice and snow are of high value for development of tourism.It is suggested to increase tourism projects of winter,improve the existing hotels,enhance propagangda outside,and do well the tourism service.

  • Zhang Shengcai, Zheng Dashing
    1995, 15(1): 91-96.
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    The natural conditions and aboundant tourism resources in Haikang County,such as paleovolcanic landscape,tropical scenery,seaside scenery,land hydrological scenery,and historical sites etc,are introduced in this paper.Tile favourable conditions for developing tourist trade are pointed out.Some principles and measures of exploitation of tourism resdtirces in Haikang County are discussed as follows;1)to consider the tourism development situation whole,making the focal points stand out;2)to suit measures to local conditions,stressing local characteristics;3)to raise the comprehensive benefit of tourism industry,protecting the resources;4)to pay attention to the rational distribution of the scenic spot.