• 1995 Volume 15 Issue 2
    Published: 30 April 1995

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  • Xu Junliang
    1995, 15(2): 97-102.
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    The construction of Guangzhou-Zhuhai-Macau Railway will bring about great economicbenefit. After the Opium War, the role of international trade centre of Macau has beenreplace by Hong Kong. The main reasons are that Macau lacks deep-water harbour and thatthere is no railway to connect it with mainland China. The development direction of Macaushould be: to vigorously promote construction of infrastructure facilities such as deep-waterharbour and railway, to enhance economic cooperation with South China and Hong Kong,to attract investment from the mainland, to develop foreign trade and finance by takingadvantage of free port, separate customs zone and policy of "one country, two systems" which are stipulated by the Basic Law, to develop entrepot trade, processing,manufacturing and high-tech industries, and to be mutually complementary with South China,thus to build Macau into "another Hong Kong" located at the weat coast of the Pearl Estuary for South China to connect with the world especially the countries of the EuropeanEconomic Community and Latin America. At present, the railway should be constructedfirst.

  • Yu Hanhao
    1995, 15(2): 103-108.
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    In pace with the development of Guangzhou city, the overall level of ambient noise inYuexiu District as the central part of Guangzhou City has been in a high position and wouldshow a tendency to increase. In this paper the main reasons of the high ambient noisepollution in Yuexiu District are analled. Some measures for controlling the ambient noiseare put forward as follows: decrease the automobile flow in the city proper; strensthen lawsand regulations for management of motor vehicles; build the sound-insulating and soundabsorbing barriers for the flying junction bridges; widen the roads, reduce building densityat both sides of roads and plant trees by the roads; strengthen the work on environmentalimpact evaluation before buiding new roads and rebuilding old roads; move agriculturalproduct markets indoors; prohibit eating houses from occupying roads and stipulate thatvedio and audio shops must have sound-testing rooms strensthen noise control in factories,restaurants, karaok and dance halls; pay attention to functional district planning whenrebuild the old city proper; improve the manasement of building sites; make city planningwell and reduce the population density of the old city proper step by step.

  • Chen Ning
    1995, 15(2): 109-114.
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    Shantou Municipality, located along the coast in East Guangdong, is a region wherethere are too many people but less land. The degree of self-sufficiency of grain was about 40% in 1993. With the decrease of cultivated land and the growth of population, deficiencyin grain had been a severe problem since the 1950s. Because of various reasons the relation between the degree of self-sufficiency and purchasing quantity of grain/has not been wellcoordinated. The circulation of grain has been affected adversely by the poor transportation conditions and the ftictinns of trade among provinces. The developing goal made for the cityrestricted the growing speed in producting grain. Natural calamities and hidden troubles inagricultural ecology impair high and stable yields in grain. The unchecked development of industry has restricted the implementation of agricultural macro-strategy.Effective strategic measures should be adopted for soling grain problem in Shantou; to strengthen hod management and birth control; to use scientincally the cultivated land as toincrease per unit area yield and to stabilize total output; to tap new grain resources fromoutside and to put into effect the policy that aiding agriculture with the help of industry; tooptimiz the development of agricultural resources under the conditions of market economy;to study conscientiously counter measures on grain problem under the situation when China returns to the GATT; to reserve gnawn in normal years and to spread the idea of saving grainfood.

  • Luo Gaoyuan, Hu Yunhao
    1995, 15(2): 115-119.
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    Based on the comparative experiment and analysis of orange planting on building tops,it is concluded that making cities green by planting oranges on the roofs can achieve not only ecologieal but also social and economic benefits. It is an effective way for improving urban climate and is a fast working environmental project with less investment and also a project of agricultural redevelopment, which is worth to be spread widely.

  • Tu Yuexian
    1995, 15(2): 120-127.
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    The amount of vegetables supplied to the market is uneven in Guangdong province.Usually the slack season appears after meteorological disasters. The daily means of vegetablesupply in March, April, August and September are obviously less than that of the annum.Those monthes are the main slacks in spring and autumn. The chilly and rainy weather damages vegetables in spring, while tropical cyclones and storm rainfalls do that in autumn.It is found that the intensity of chilly and rainy weather and the rainfall in March aredominant meteorological factors, and the low temperature condition in January, Februaryand sunshine duration in March are important meteorological factors for the slack of vegetable supply in spring. Meanwhile sunshine duration in August and torrential rains caused by tropical cyclones from July to September as well as the rainfall in July aredominant meteorological factors, and sunshine duration in July, September and the rainyday number in august are important meteorological factors for the slack in autumn.In theview of agrometeorology, a model about the relationship between the meteorolgical factorsand the amount of vegetable supply is obtained by calculation. The influence ofmeteorological disasters, such as chilly and rainy weather and torrential rains etc., on theproduction of vegetables are analysed, and the measures for decreasing the loss of meteological disasters are recommended.

  • Zhao Huanting, Wen Xiaosheng, Sun Zongxun, Zheng Deyan, Yuan Jiayi
    1995, 15(2): 128-137.
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    Some characteristics of the Nansha Islands, such as bottom relief, bottom sediments,regional geology, geology and geomorphology of coral reefs, and regional paleooceanography are discussed in this paper. The tectonics of the Nansha Islands can be divided into Central Basin Fault-Spread Region, Nansha Faulted Platform Region, and Zengmu Graben Zone.And correspondingly the bottom reliefs are the abyssal plain, Nansha sea plateau, upper continental slope, and continental shelf. Since Cenozoic era, the seas of the Nansha Islands have always been tropical seas. The bioherms have been developing since Late Oligocene Epoch, and the lime-sand islands were formed after Middle Holocene in the seas.Paleoclinlate changed synchronously with the whole world over the past 900 000 years, but the temperatures between glacisl epoch and interglacial stage varied little. Oscillatory paleosea-level change, Caused by the paleoclimate change, resulted in the alternation between emergence and submergence of continent shelf and islands, and in the change of surfacewater circulation model.

  • Ruan Fushui
    1995, 15(2): 138-146.
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    The erosivity of precipitation in the southeast of Fujian Province has been analysed based on the data abtained fronl Anxi alld Nan'an experimental stations and some other rain gauge stations. The results show that the average rainfall intensity in the area is 11 mm/h during the period from March to Setember. Plum rains and typhoon rains are the mainerosive force because of high rainfall intensity and long duration. The maximum rainfall in 60 minutes can be adopted as an index of erosive precipitation, and its value is I60≥9mm in the area. The average annual erosive rainfall is about 520-950mm.

  • Li Xiankun
    1995, 15(2): 147-154.
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    Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is possessed of 129 species of rare and endangered plants of China, including varieties of 97 genera in 56 families. Being only inferior to Yunnan Province,Guangxi takes the 2nd place in China. Rare and endangered plants are widely dispersed over Guangxi. And the main distribution areas are the Shiwandashan Mountains,Nonggang Natural Reserve and Longrui Natural Reserve in South Guangxi; the Dayaoshan Mountains in Central Guangxi;and the Jiuwanshan Mountains,Huaping forest area and the Miao'ershan Mountains in North Guangxi. Rare and endangered plants in Guangxi are characterized by rich components,various types,large proportion of peculiar species,and highly scientific and economic values. 90 species have been protected on-the-spot and 105 species have been kept off-the-spot. Based on the present conditions and main problems about protection and utilization of rare and endangered plant resources,it is proposed that guiding ideology should be:taking protection as presupposition,so as to achieve the purpose of utilization,and that strategic measures be:1)to strengthen the management of the resources,forming the sense of resource value;2) to enhance the public consciousness of protecting ecological environment;3)to strenthen construction and management of natural reserves;adjusting their structure and distribution;9)to forbid damaging natural vegetation;5)to promote the industrialization of natural resource reproduction;6) to set up a central network of field research and eco-system data bank;7) to limit the exploited amount of the plants;8)to set up a large-scale off-the-spot conservation centre.

  • Qiu Rongliang, Wu Qing, Li Zhen
    1995, 15(2): 155-161.
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    The spore-pollen composition, quartz surface morphology and characteristics ofchemical and mineral composition of some soils in Yunnan Province are studied in this paper. The results show that besides the soil forming factors at present, the evolution of soil environment also plays a great role on soil genetic properties. From the kinds and amounts of spore-pollen and quartz surface morphology, it can be concluded that soils of Dian No. 1 and No. 2 deposited under the temperate climate condition, and that of Dab No. 7 underthe dry subtropical climate condition, then all the three developed in a low-energy chemical erosion environment all along; and they were still in the stage between siallitization and fersiallitization, their main clay minerals were vermiculite, illite and montmorillite, respectively. Whereas the soil of Dian No. 4 deposited under the typical subtropical climate and went through the warm hash-energy erosion environment. The soil of No. 5.depositedunder the tropical climate condition and was influenced obviously by red earthening processes during Quaternary Period, both of them were already in the stage of ferallization though there still are some differences between their forming environments at present.

  • Zhong Weiqing
    1995, 15(2): 162-167.
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    At present the methods of geomorphology research can be summed up as follows: 1)field investigation and record; 2) orientated observation and field experiment; 3) indoor experiment and geomorphic simulation. The history of geomorphology indicates that the experiment and simulation (BSG) is the main direction of modern geomorphology research.The establishment of GIS provides new technological equipment for ESG. Relying oncomputor, the GIS can improve the function of ESG and even can simulate the geomorphicprocess. Because of the incompleteness of GIS and the complicacy of geomorphology, there are some difficulties which are preventing the GIS from popularizing on ESG in spacial data input, spacial inquiry and the establishment of Seomorphic model. Founding a new structure of data, adopting object-oriented model and fuzzy mathematics may be effectivecountermeasures against the dificulties.

  • Zheng Dasheng, Zhang Shengcai
    1995, 15(2): 168-174.
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    Tourism information has only been studied in China for a short time. From the trend of tourism development, the functions of information work in tourism are as follows: 1)providing information about tourism policy, management, dynamics, etc. for tourismscience research; 2) providing new methods or special investigation regorts for the policymaking body; 3) providing summing-up information about forming group, booking rooms,food and drinks, etc. for travel services and hotels. Tourism information can be obtained through retrieveg the books and newspapers about tourism, and asking for the bulletins and data published by the international or local tourism organizations in China and abroad.At present, the Inter-China Tour-reserving Network (INT) has linked with theinternational communication network. In the INT emphasis has been put on the information about reserving hotels or restaurants, while less attention paid to that of tourism resorts,scenic spots, travel lines, travel trasportation, or tourism price, etc., It is proposed that the tourism management departments at different levels and enterprises should take positively part in the network, and provide tourism summing-up information for it. So the networksystem could be improved and linked with the international market.

  • Yang Zaitian
    1995, 15(2): 175-182.
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    Xu Xiake, an outstanding toruist and geographer in the ding Dynasty, paid a visit to Yunnan Province in spite of his old age, and hoted more than 260 000 words in his book Traveller's Diary in Yunnan, in which abundant tourism resources were described. In this paper the contents of the book are compared with modern geographical materials, the types of tourism resource in Yunnan, such as the landscapes of mountains, fakes, waterfalls, hot springs and cold springs; karst hills and rivers, and volcanie landforms are analysed. It is showned that tourist trade in Yunnan has broad prospects. Practical significance of Xu's travel in Yunnan and his book is also revealed.

  • Wen Chang'en
    1995, 15(2): 183-188.
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    Hundred thousands original inhabitants who live in Australia for generations have ended their relatively balanced tribal career that had lasted for several ten thousands runing since the British colonialist landed Australia in 1770, and have become a minority nationality.Although the west colonialist brought civilhation to Australia, their cruel rule destroyed the traditional culture of original inhabitants, refused the inhabitants' living right, and the inhabitants became last-class citizens.In this paper the origin and land right of original inhabitants, their custom and art, the changes of their political position, education, medical welfare and economy in the last decades are analysed. Now the whole society in Australia and the people who upholdingjustice in the other part of the world have concerned the miserable situation of Australian original inhabitants. People expect that the original and non-original inhabitants in Australia can understand each other, help each other and care for each other, that the aborsines can really equally live together with other nationalities in Australia and develop for the future.